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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Oh Sweet money of mine !

Just signup [30 seconds registration] in the website and start making money! (Payout purely based on your work)
Just post / respond discussions and make money !

Dont belive me ? See how much I made in a month !
( PS : You will have to WORK your way through. Just be active by responding/ starting discussions)

This online job site, Rated as the best community site by Discovery Travel and Living Channel, is by itself the most innovative venture started online where its members can earn while learning, and discussing !!!

What you have to do:

Be an active member in the Discussion forum, discussing anything under the sun, yes absolutely anything!

How: Payment is made based on the activity in the site.
Payout: Based on your input. Not limited
Refresh Rate: The account balance will be displayed in the home page of the site usually after 24 hours.

The funds you have made automatically get added to your PayPal (Premium Account, Free) Account every month!!
[The details of it are given below, read on,]

Eager to get some quick buck!?!!

Just signup in the website and start making money! Click Here

The site has managed to complete the first payout to its members before the announced date of 15 September. And from now on all the subsequent payouts are going to be on the 15th of every month.


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